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Gale Rawitzer has been passionate about the air show industry since 1981. For 40 years he has been involved with the California International Air Show in Salinas providing expertise from Ground and Air Operations, President, Board of Directors and Professional Air Boss.  In 1997 he met and later married Kathy Eby, Project Specialist and International Trainer, who fell in love with Gale's air show family.  Now they both participate in the industry, and since have traveled to over 250 air shows around the world to learn "best practices" on organization and air show safety.  For the last 19 years Gale has provided Professional Air Boss Services for large, medium, and small shows around North America.  Gale and Kathy's passion and work in the air show industry has evolved into their company...Air Boss Advantage


"Safety Will Never Be Compromised"

As a FAA Recognized Air Boss for Basic, Standard, and Complex air shows,   Rawitzer reminds his clients "Safety Will Never Be Compromised".  It is one area of an air show that needs to be handled by a professional air boss.  It starts by choosing qualified performers, proper pre-show preparation and continues with a professionally-run safety briefing, which will result in a safe show. 

Member of:

International Council of Air Shows (ICAS)

European Airshow Council (EAC)

South West Council of Air Shows (SWCAS)

North West Council of Air Shows (NWCAS)


FAA RAB/MV (Recognized Air Boss/Multi Venue)

Air Show Operations and Consulting

FAA Waivers and TFR's

Choreograph Air Show Schedules

Custom Produce and Conduct Safety Briefings

Collaborate with FAA and Military 

Full Air Boss Liability Insured

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