Joe Conway III, Air Show Organizer, Gathering of Warbirds Air Show, Madera, CA and Fresno K-Jewel Fly-in and Air Show: “The best decision we ever made for the overall success of our event was to hire Gale Rawitzer as our Air Boss.  His expertise in all facets of air show operations and his professionalism guided our team to a safe and successful event.  Gale is our glue!”
Harry Wardwell, Executive Director, 1991-2011 and 2018 - 2020, California International Airshow, Salinas: “Gale Rawitzer has been involved in the California International Airshow in Salinas for over 30 years serving many roles including President of our Board of Directors and the last 10 years as our Air Boss.  His years of experience in a leadership role of one of the most successful community-based air shows makes him one of the most respected professionals in our industry.  Gale has been instrumental in assisting the Salinas Airshow in FAA relations, waiver applications, air and ground performer liaison, and most importantly making sure our show is run safely each year.  I would highly recommend you consider Gale Rawitzer to be your Air Boss.”
Wayne Handley, Aerobatic Champion, Instructor & Air Show Organizer:  “Being involved with a first class organization like the California International Airshow (Salinas) Gale’s experience has been acquired in a fertile air show environment.  As an active pilot himself, Gale has an understanding and appreciation of what is going on in the performer’s cockpit.  This is a very important safety consideration.  I have worked with Gale while doing both small and large shows, and he puts the same degree of effort in each.  His preparation of the FAA waiver and the air show safety briefing is always complete, accurate and efficient.”
Lyle Holbrook, Military Pilot, Former Canadian Forces Snowbird, Event Organizer, and Air Show Air Boss:  “As a former Canadian Forces Snowbird Coordinator/Narrator, military Pilot, event organizer and air show Air Boss; I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Gale Rawitzer for over 8 years.  In that time I have come to respect Gale as one of the best Air Bosses in the industry today.  He is extremely thorough and I have observed that safety is always at the core of everything he does.  All that and one of the most pleasant guys you would want to deal with.  Gale Rawitzer is the consummate air boss.  From his compilation of documentation prior to the show right through to the last aircraft parked on the ground or departing in the airspace after the show, he leaves no stones unturned.  I recommend Gale highly for your air show or aviation event.”
Michael Goulian, Aerobatic Pilot and Owner, Goulian Aerosports:  “Gale Rawitzer is an air boss that knows how to run a safe air show while recognizing that he helps put the “show” in air show.  He is also a very dedicated professional and is an asset to our industry.”
John Collver, Aerobatic Pilot and Owner, Warbird Airshows: “Gale Rawitzer is a top notch air boss and approaches his job as a true professional.  He leaves nothing to chance.  In addition, he works well with the performers and is open for suggestion to improve our safety issues on site as well as any time prior to the event...a true Professional to our demanding industry!”
Randy Howell, Aerobatic Pilot and President, The Patriots Jet Team:  “It was a pleasure working with Gale at the California International Airshow.  As always, he gave a very detailed brief on what our team needed.  Our lead pilot commented to me, ‘Gale gave a good brief, concentrating on the aerobatic box and safety procedures.’  You don’t always get that at every air show.”